• Architectural Drawing and Design I/ II 
    In Architectural Drafting team members have the opportunity to learn what it takes to be an Architect but also to do it using state-of-the-art software.  VertexBD, a 3D parametric BIM system allows the team member to design and draw their house in 2D and then with a push of button see what it looks like in 3D.  The parametric portion allows for changes to be make in both 2D and 3D with the software updating all related drawings. The BIM system is capable of generating all of the bills of materials and other list for us using today’s standards in the architectural field.  Over the course of the term team members draw a practice house to get them familiar with architectural standards and procedures and the then taken on a client designing and drawing a house to meet their needs and desires.  During the term each team members will also become familiar with industry related terminology.
  • Mechanical Drawing and Design I/ II
    In Mechanical Drawing team members learn the skill that every engineer must posses, the ability to drawing the parts and pieces they need / want build to complete their project.  Team members begin the class learning how to drawing “old school” using a drafting table, T-Square and triangle to produce orthographic and isometric drawings.  From there they move on to CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) using an industry standard software, Pro Engineer, a 3D parametric drawing platform.  Over the course of the term, using CAD, team members drawing a lego block, a cell phone before getting to disassemble a tool in which they must draw all of the parts and pieces associated with it.  During the term each team member will also become familiar with industry related terminology as well as tools such as the micrometer.


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