Architectural Drafting I


In this program team members learn the basics of what it's like to work in the field of Architecture.  Since this is a Career Technical Agriculture Education (CTAE) course they learn by doing hands-on activities. 


Using the Computer Aided Drafting software Vertex BD, a 3D parametric BIM system, team members begin by working on a "practice house". 


This first activity allows them to learn the basics of architecture from how to draw a wall to inserting doors and window to adding a foundation and roofing.  By using a 3D parametric software they are able to view their house in 3D and make change which are then reflected in the 2D version also.  At the end of this first activity they have completed a basic set of floor plans, elevations, a section, foundation plans, wall panels, and roofing plans.


For there second activity they are promoted to "Jr. Architects" as assigned a client for whom they must design a house.  Normally this is a staff member in our building who has agreed to play the part of the client and who the team member must met with, ask questions of, and work with to design the house they want.  The second part of this activity, once the client has approved the plans, the team member builds a scale model of the house for the client to see.  The material used is up the team member as they are responsible for purchasing it themselves.  Most team members use a combination of matte board and foam core along with some transparent file (that I provide) for the window and sandpaper for the roofing shingles.  To finish out this project they put put together a PPT presentation to do before the class and the client (if they can attend).


Other activities in the class include a PPT on two different house styles and weekly terminology test.