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International Business is designed to assist students in understanding national and international business and the social and economic environments of business.Content will include aspects of international business, finance, marketing, economics, law, production, management, geography, and culture.


Job title(s) relevant to this course:Entrepreneur, CEO, General Manager, Controller, Public Relations Manager, Sales and Marketing Manager, Finance Manager, Human Resources Manager, Financial Analyst, Risk Manager, Government Manager, Hospital Manager, Travel Agent, Flight Attendants, Pilots, Hotel Reservations Managers, Supervisors, Auditors, Analysts


On completion of this course the student will be able to perform tasks to meet the standards for International Business in the Quality Core Curriculum.Topics under the Quality Standards include the following:


International Businessí Impact at the local, regional, and national level


Obstacles in International Business

Issues Dealing with Travel (ex. Documents, Customs)

Social, Political, and Economic Factors

International Communication

Organizational Structure

Import/Export, Balance of Trade





Professionalism and Leadership


These standards will be accomplished through having team members perform case studies related to businesses, prepare projects assigned by the instructor, perform and prepare presentations for the class, participate in simulated business activities, written exams, and by opportunities that team members can earn to job shadow in the workplace.


The grading system in the class will be as follows:


Daily Assignments = 50%

Tests = ††††††††††† †††††††††††20%

Projects and/or†††††††††† 20%

††††††††††† Simulations

Work Ethics = 10%


The director will follow the CEC Work Ethics policy for attendance and tardiness to class. All team members who exemplify excellent work ethics will be provided the opportunity to participate in job shadowing and field trip activities.In addition, Future Business Leaders of America assignments will be given to enhance the learning provided in the classroom.FBLA is a co-curricular organization designed to promote aggressive business leadership skills in team members.