Coweta Performance Learning Center

What is PLC?

The PLC is a small non-traditional high school located at The Central Educational Center. 
Our curriculum is computer-based and self-paced.  Students are expected to work at an accelerated pace in order to make up the credits they are lacking. 
The PLC program was established in 2003 to serve high school juniors and seniors who have fallen behind and who need to graduate in the current academic year. 
Attendance at the PLC is a privilege.  Students are admitted based on teacher and counselor recommendations, passing scores on our basic skills test, having a good behavior record and several other variables.
Our class sizes are small with a typical class consisting of 15 students.
We work very hard to create an atmosphere of caring and mutual respect. 

Many of our students comment that they feel like family here.  Because of our small size, we are able to become familiar with our students and help them with many aspects of their lives.

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What we believe.

  • We believe that every student has potential.
  • Students who graduate from the PLC will become productive citizens at school and in our community.
  • Every student deserves a safe place to learn and to grow.
  • We believe that parents are a critical component in a student’s education.
  • Here at the PLC, we encourage parent involvement.
  • We believe that if students are shown trust and respect, they will learn to trust and to respect themselves and others.

Our dress code and absence and tardy policies are the same as the
Central Educational Center.  For clarification, please use the link on the CEC webpage. 
Students at the PLC are expected to be here and to be on time.  If they are not here, they cannot work toward graduation. 

Students are expected to dress appropriately for school.  Please note that we do not allow t-shirts with inappropriate text or pictures and Camouflage clothing is strictly prohibited.

How do I get into PLC?

  • The first step is to talk to your high school counselor. 
  • He/She can give you an application and help you with your recommendations.
  • Once your application is complete, you may bring it to us here at CEC, or your counselor can send it through the courier.
  • Our counselor will call you to set up a time to take our skills test. 
  • This is a timed test that takes about one hour and tests the areas of language comprehension and math computation.
  • If you receive a passing score on the test, your final step is to schedule an interview with our teacher/facilitators.
  • You will be notified by mail or phone if you have been accepted to our program. Good Luck!!!

Faculty and Staff

Ms. Ellen Olson:
Science, Consumer skills and electives

Mr. Ken Miller:
Math, business and electives

Mrs. Polly Haugen:
Literature, business writing and electives

Mr. Casey Smith:
Economics, History and electives

Mrs. Michelle Cummins:
Counselor/Coordinator, PLC

678-423-2000 x291



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